Terms & Conditions

Booking Conditions


All booking classes:

Free: up to 24 Hours before departure

100% of the fare: less than 24 Hours before departure

Book by the hour (incl. Sightseeing Tours):

All booking classes:

Free: up to 24 hours before departure

100% of the fare: less than 24 hours before departure

Free: up to 24 hours before departure

100% of the fare: fewer than 24 hours before departure


Complimentary waiting time for all pick-up locations except the airport:

15 minutes from the agreed pick-up time.

Complimentary waiting time for airport pickup (only if flight number is given):

All booking classes: 45 minutes, starting from actual landing.

If no flight number was specified when booking, the regular waiting time of 15 minutes applies, regardless of the actual arrival time.

Extension of waiting time for all pick-up locations:

Destination Booking:

The passenger can ask the driver for additional waiting time. Extending the waiting time cannot be guaranteed. The driver will decide whether this is possible or not, depending, for example, on his future journeys on his schedule. The following costs are incurred: 1.00 EUR/USD/GBP per minute. These charges are incurred in the currency in which they were booked.

Book by the hour:

The book by the hour booking starts with the arrival of the customer or after the waiting time has elapsed; the driver will stay booked for the passenger for duration of the reservation.


(only if flight number is specified)

Outside the baggage claim area at the gate assigned to the specified flight number, unless Client communicates otherwise. The driver will be holding a pickup sign with the name of the passenger. If the driver cannot be found, please contact the driver or Chauffeur Force at +44 02038611840


Destination Booking:

Stop-offs are possible if the request is indicated in the “Additional Information field under PASSENGER DETAILS FORM. A spontaneous stop-off on site will be possible only with the driver’s agreement. For stop-offs, additional miles charges and additional waiting times may apply, see Additional miles and Waiting Time at Pickup sections.

Book by the hour:

The driver can be informed of any desired stop-offs directly on site. If you have a specific wished route when booking, please share it under “Additional Information” in PASSENGER DETAILS FORM. As long as the stop-offs are within the booked time window, no additional fees will be charged. However, additional miles fees may apply, see Additional miles section.

Complimentary miles

Destination Booking:

All the mile necessary to make the booked destination booking.

If the included mileages are exceeded, additional miles will be charged according to section CHANGES TO BOOKING – Additional mileage.


Extending the booking period for bookings by the hour

In order to extend the booking, the customer must inform Chauffeur Force and receive a confirmation before starting the journey. If you would like to spontaneously extend it on site, the driver will decide whether this is possible depending on connecting trips. It is only possible to extend it in 1hour blocks for a fee.


Any extra costs that may incur during the Booking, will be charged after the ride to the method of payment the original booking was made with. The booking customer is responsible for the resulting extra costs.


Passenger does not turn up

If the passenger does not arrive at the agreed pick-up location without cancelling the booking within the free waiting period after the agreed pick-up time and if they cannot be reached via the telephone number stated in the booking, this will be regarded as non-appearance. In this case, the journey will be Charged at 100%.

Driver does not turn up

If the driver does not arrive, the passenger must contact Chauffeur Force directly. We will find an alternative solution for the transfer.

Passenger prevents transport

If the passenger decides to refrain from a journey because the driver refuses special services (e.g. transport of children, animals, bulky luggage), which was not previously agree to, the total amount of the fees agreed for the journey remains payable.


One piece of hand luggage per passenger such as a purse, briefcase or a laptop bag, which is carried in the passenger compartment is included and free of charge for all of our booking classes. The transportation of larger suitcases is not allowed in the passenger compartment for safety and insurance reasons. Therefore, the number of luggage permitted per booking classes varies as follows:


Two pieces of luggage with each not exceeding the total size of 158cm (sum of width + height + depth) per vehicle.


7 pieces of luggage with each not exceeding the total size of 158cm (sum of width + height + depth) per vehicle.


Two pieces of luggage with each not exceeding the total size of 158cm (sum of width + height + depth) per vehicle.


Rules in the vehicle

The following rules apply to every trip:

  • No smoking in the vehicle
  • Seat belts must be worn
  • Vehicle must be treated with care

In the event of non-compliance with these rules and inappropriate behaviour such as vandalism and activities that make the driver feel unsafe or uncomfortable, the total amount of the agreed fees remains payable. Additionally, the driver may claim compensation from the user or passenger for the necessary repair of damage to the vehicle or cleaning dirt in the vehicle caused by the passenger that exceeds the usual level.

Vehicle & Booking classes

The vehicle pictures shown on the website serve exclusively to illustrate the different vehicle classes that belong to the individual car categories. Please take into consideration that any of these vehicles could be assigned to your reservation when choosing the desired category. The availability of some vehicle’s classes may also vary depending on the booking location.

Transport of children, animals, and excess luggage

This information must be entered in the “Additional Information” field under PASSENGER DETAILS FORM when booking. If you would like a child seat, the age, height, and weight of the child are required. If this information is not included in the booking, the trip may not be carried out due to safety regulations depending on the legislation of the country in which the trip takes place. The trip will be fully charged.